Let’s face it, putting a resume together is not fun. In fact, it’s typically the opposite of fun. Even when you have loads of experience, it’s a daunting task at best. It’s even more daunting for teens who have little or no experience. Well, no need to fear, we’ve got the top 5 resume tips for teens right here! Not only will your resume shine, you might even have some fun!

1. Come up with an objective statement.

An objective is a simple statement that explains a little about you and why you want to get a job. Don’t get too wordy. It’s best to save more personal and descriptive details for a cover letter.  A simple objective statement looks like this:  I’m a hard working and motivated high school student who would like the opportunity to be a valuable member of your team.

2. Pump up your schooling.

With little or no experience, emphasize any high school classes that are relevant for your job. Think about any electives or clubs that you’re a part of, or jot down any honors classes that you’re taking. This shows a prospective employer that you’re a serious student, and will give you an upper hand when it comes time to hire. 

3. Add hobbies or organizations.

Think about any hobbies or organizations that you’re associated with. Whether it’s soccer, baking or bike riding, include things that you’ve been doing for long periods of time. Employers like to see consistency in your personal life. It’s a great indicator of how committed you’ll be as an employee.

4. Put down any volunteer work.

Volunteer work looks great to employers! Be sure to include any food drives, beach clean ups or event organizing. Volunteering shows commitment to a cause, and that you’re willing to spend your time helping others. Be sure to describe your responsibilities and what organization you were associated with.

5. Use a Resume Template or Builder.

Resume Templates are a great way to create a professional resume even if you have no experience. Choose a template that’s geared for teens and focuses more on their strengths, classes and extracurricular activities. Resume builders will also give your resume an overall look and design that represents you. So be sure to find one that suits you!

These resume tips for teens are here to help you land a job! So remember, a nice looking and well written resume gets you to the next step – the interview! So be sure to look it over several times for spelling errors and accuracy. This is your first impression, so make sure it’s a good one!

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Happy Job Hunting!