Teen jobs can be tough to find sometimes! Deciding on the type of work you want to do can sometimes be challenging. With so many different businesses and types of jobs, it’s hard to know what kind of environment you’ll thrive best in. So don’t worry if you’re unsure, we’re about to break it down. Grab yourself a pen & paper, and let’s figure out where your passions lie.

Let’s start by figuring out your likes and dislikes:

Are you a fashionista? 

If you answered yes, then think about which stores you really like and what type of fashion you’d like to represent. Typically, stores will have you dress in their clothes, so make sure it’s a style that you’re passionate about! Once you’ve narrowed it down, then reach out to the different stores and boutiques to see if they have availability.

Are you an animal lover? 

If that’s a big yes, then think about places you could work with them. Is there a Humane Society near by? Or perhaps consider a local pet store or cat cafe? Or if you like to be outdoors, reach out to neighbors and see if they’d be interested in having you walk their dog? 

Do you like food? 

Pretty sure that’s a yes for everyone! But with it being such a broad topic, consider what kinds of foods you like. Do you see yourself in fast food, a coffee shop, a bakery, or perhaps a fine dining establishment? Think of your favorite places and give them a call.

Are you more the artsy type? 

If yes, then look into local bookstores, art galleries, museums or theaters to stay cultured. You can even consider local pottery places or kids art classes.

Do you like pop culture? 

If your answer is yes, then consider cinemas, drive ins or comic book stores to help keep your inner nerd alive.

Do you like working with kids? 

If that’s a consideration, then check out your local YMCABoys & Girls Clubs, or local day camps. There’s also tutoring, after school programs or even babysitting to consider.

Are you an athlete? 

You can consider working at sporting goods stores, or really think about which sports you like best and narrow it down. Maybe you can ref soccer, work at a skate park, or golf or tennis club.

Finally, no matter where you decide to apply, look at the business’ environment to determine whether it’s a good fit for you. Some places are fast paced and non-stop busy, while others are more relaxed and sporadic. Also, decide if you like being surrounded by people, or if you’re more of a behind the scenes type. Do you prefer multi-tasking or are you better suited with just one job? Take some time to really picture yourself working in whatever place you are considering. Imagine what your responsibilities would be and who you’d be interacting with. Be sure to really know yourself and pay attention to what feels right for you.

And now that you’ve narrowed everything down, you know that there are lot of teen jobs out there! So what are you waiting for, get out there and find your dream job!

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