It’s September and school is back in swing! Depending upon where you live, the leaves are starting to change too! Perhaps a full-time job during the school year isn’t right for you, but a part-time fall job might just be the ticket! Whether you like to be indoors or out, we’ve come up with the top 5 ideas for part-time fall jobs for teens!

1. Work at the Local Pumpkin Patch

There are many opportunities for part-time jobs for teens at local pumpkin patches. These patches are usually open from early September to the end of October, so you have the opportunity to get two months worth of experience and pay! You can work the register, assist customers with their pumpkin purchases (think wheelbarrowing large pumpkins to the check out), face painting, manning children’s jumpy houses, assisting with activities, or selling refreshments. You can make a paycheck while enjoying fun holiday activities!

2. ​Work at the Local Halloween Store

You’ve probably already started to see the local Halloween stores popping up! Now’s the time to get in there to see if they’re hiring! There are so many fun opportunities here! You can work the register, stock Halloween costumes or decorations, take inventory and assist customers with their spooky purchases! They might even offer you discounts on your own Halloween purchases. It’s a fun way to get in the spirit and earn a little extra cash!

3. ​Set up a Hot Apple Cider Stand

If you’re too young to work at the Halloween store or pumpkin patch, consider setting up a hot apple cider stand to earn some extra cash. People will love the twist on a lemonade stand – especially on a chilly afternoon! Add some from baked cookies to go with the hot apple cider and you’re sure to have a recipe for success!

4. ​Rake Leaves in your Neighborhood.

If you live in an area where leaves are starting to fall, grab a rake and some trash bags and see if you can rake in some extra cash! Visit all your neighbors and offer to rake their leaves for a fair price. Your fee will depend on the number of trees and the size of their yards, so think this through first. This is a great opportunity for those who love to be outside and be active. You’ll be connecting to your community and earning some extra cash! So it’s an easy win-win!

5. ​Tutor Younger Kids

Since school is back in full swing, this is a great time to offer up any academic skills you may have. Think of a subject that you excel, and offer to tutor kids in your local area. Parents are always looking for after school homework help, so this is a great opportunity to gain experience and help someone out!

Enjoy the season and remember there are lots of fall jobs for teens out there! Happy Job Hunting!

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