When you’re not quite 15, jobs for 14 year olds seem hard to come by. Well don’t fret, there are lots of things for you to do, but you’ll just have to tap into your entrepreneurial side to be successful!


If you love hanging out with kids, why not consider babysitting. Depending on where you live, babysitters can make anywhere from $10-$20 per hour. If you’re not sure where to start, let your neighbors and family know that you’re ready to babysit. And if you want a little extra credibility, get certified through the American Red Cross. This quick and easy training shows potential parents that you are really serious about babysitting and will give you an extra edge over other potential candidates.

2. Pet Sitting

Taking care of animals of any kind is a fun way to earn some extra cash. Pet sitting can include feeding fish, letting cats in/out, walking dogs or just playing with whatever furry creature might need some love. Parents of pets often work, so finding a reliable person to come and care for their little babies can be hard to find. No sure where to find clients? Make some flyers for the neighborhood and head to local dog parks.

3. Yard Work

If you love the outdoors, consider helping out your neighbors. Don’t worry if you don’t have a green thumb. Yard work can include anything from snow shoveling, to leaf removal, to lawn cutting. Your neighbors will be your best bet here for hiring, so be sure to hit them up with what you can offer.

4. Family Work

If your parents own their businesses, ask them if they have any extra work like filing papers, answering phones or helping organize projects. If that’s not an option, see if there’s work that can be done around the house. Perhaps there are projects that your parents would be happier paying you for than a stranger.

A couple of things to keep in mind as you start on your job journey.

  • Because you’ll be “self-employed”, it’ll be up to you to set your pay. Come up with a fair hourly amount. Be sure not to come in too cheap or too expensive.
  • Take advantage of networking with neighbors, family and friends. Ask your parents or family members to post your service in their social media feed – you can get a lot of customers that way.

And lastly, no matter what kind of job you decide to do, be sure to talk it over with you parents first. It’s important that they know whose house you’ll be going to and what will be expected.

Remember, even though jobs for 14 year olds aren’t a plenty, 15 is just around the corner! So enjoy this time of setting your own pay and making your own hours!

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